Got negative but still no period!


So I use 2 apps to track my period and ovulation...and one says I’m 4 days says 1 day..for the past year my period has been coming in 2 days early of Glow

Usually predicts and I start by spotting a few days prior..killer cramps and so on....I took a pregnancy test yesterday afternoon and it was was the blue one that says it can tell you 6days before missed period....but I still have No period. No cramps. I just have this weird cramp that comes and go on my left side. Nothing major though. I’m exhausted by the afternoon..he’s diarrhea for 2 days a couple of days ago..and my stomach was churning and what not for a couple of days till today which seems to be back to normal...could I still be pregnant even though I got a Negative?!