Hi guys!!!

Kristina • Nurse💉 Mom to: Justin 8-16-08 💚 Madelynn 7-21-10 💜 Gabriella 11-17-18

Just popping in to say hello to my fave ladies and babies! We’re still here and scroll through your posts and check up on y’all from time to time! Gabriella is walking, running, climbing, talking, screeching (still), bossing, sassing.... Right now we’re at stage 5 clinging. I thought it was because she was teething...but she has all her molars now and is still ridiculously clingy. 😩 She’s still a boobie monster! Like...BAD. Of course she eats regular food and drinks regular milk (from her sippy cups, no bottles, yay!) She will stick her hands down my shirt and pull it down and slap my chest... we’re working on nursing manners! When I’m off work nursing is literally all she wants to do. She was ALMOST 16 lbs at her 12 month check up. And she was 28 inches (I had said almost 28 but I think she was almost 29). My guess is she’s close to 30 inches now and probably about 17 lbs. Tiny but mighty, for sure! She STILL does NOT sleep through the night. I’m pretty sure I’ll never sleep again but whatever...it won’t last forever (I hope)!

Hope all my ladies and babies are wonderful and thriving!!! ❤️