Period/IUD HELP!!!!


Hi. So I’m recently new to the IUD (Kyleena). I’ve had it since December 27th 2019. And I started my period on 1/18, about 9 days now. It’s been lighter than normal periods, which is normal for girls with iud, they either lose their period after awhile or it gets lighter. I’ve never had my bleeding last more than 5 days though.. and I’ve been cramping for the last 2-3 and bowel issues since yesterday and I don’t even est a whole lot. Would anyone have an answer as to why this happens?

I called my doctor Friday late in the day so she hasn’t gotten back to me yet. But I’m just confused and it’s having an effect on my work. I worked 1130-1030 last night and i was having so many issues throughout my day. I just don’t know if this is something normal and it’ll be over soon or if this is something that might happen for the next few months or years even (I know some girls spot almost the whole time they have one).

Anyone with answers of some sort please let me know and give me some sort of reassurance!!!