Words can hurt


I am a hairstylist. I love my job I have a very big client base and I am very familiar with the conversation and back and forth that can go on between you and the client. Today a client I share with a fellow stylist came in. She hasn’t seen me in a while so I stopped to say hello. While she was getting her hair done I complimented her and asked her what she was doing tonight looking so nice. She said she had a baby shower to go too. While I am standing there she takes her hand and rubs my stomach and pats it and says you must be so excited for your baby shower too. I am not pregnant.... I am a 5’4 female about 155 pounds I got a lot of curves but that hurt. I use the best poker face I have and immediately pretend I didn’t hear her and ask her more details about the shower. I walk away and go to the bathroom and just stare at myself and how unhappy I now feel in my body and makes me feel just so bad. My fellow stylist came to me after apologizing and saying how bad the client felt. I just feel so bad 😢