14 dpo and period day due

Jj • Vietnam

Hi guys, I’m needing some advice. So I used the clear blue digital dual ovulation kit so on the 8/01/2020 I started getting flashy smile so my partner TTC and I tested everyday until the 12/01/2020 it was peak fertility with a solid smile. I was just wondering since I had sex every single day since the 8th- 13th/01/2020 I started getting sore breast three days after ovulation and cramps until now 27/01/2020 is when my period is due. So I tested several pregnancy test they were all negative and I just started spotting today on the 27/01/2020 so does that mean I’m out? Or does that mean it’s spotting just 14 days after ovulation I’m so confused at the moment. Because I thought having sex everyday would at least have one day of chance falling pregnant and it was actually precisely checked with ovulation testing.