Ttc rainbow baby 🌈👶


I miscarried in October of this year. We got pregnant on the first try, but haven’t seemed to have that luck this time around. I haven’t really tracked ovulation this close, but I’m thinking that maybe my apps are estimating my ovulation wrong since the miscarriage.

One screenshot is the <a href="">Glow app</a> predicting that I’ll ovulate on Saturday

The other two is screenshots of my Ovia app, also saying Saturday is the big day.

Buuuut, my ovulation strips I think are saying I’ll ovulate sooner! Could someone help me out??

Today I received the free breast pump (I’ve always wanted this one) that I signed up for right before my miscarriage. I was denied it because I didn’t have a specific doctor at the time. Idk why it came so late nor why it even shipped to me at all. I cried for awhile and then starting hoping it’s a sign..

anyone care to help a girl out?