Low libido

Okay guys this is the first time to post on here so please bare with me 😂

I have been on anxiety meds for a good 2 years now and I went from wanting to do it allll the time to literally having NO drive. Unfortunately that is a side effect on almost allllll anxiety meds and I’ve tried to get off of them because of this issue, but I kinda needed it with the work I do haha! I’m fine with just falling asleep next to my fiancé. And I feel SO bad. He knows when we do actually do it I’m not all in like before. Like this boy drives me crazy in bed but I just can’t get there.... it’s terrible! IM 25!!! I should not be feeling this way! Is there anything I can do that can help even a little lmao! Thank you in advance. I promise I’m not a prude, actually totally opposite I just can’t get in the mood 😭