Negative 👎 won’t get me down


For all of us TTC but tests negative month after month. This won’t get us down. One fine day and we’ll be seeing the double lines.

Let’s have JOY in the journey. Be kind to our bodies. Meet it where it’s at and trust that we can move forward together.

Not saying it’s been an easy road for me. Not....

Ok, so we fall into despair 😩 but we won’t dwell in that state of mind. We’ll seek the help we need while trusting in a knowing and loving God.

Been married for a year and a month. Can’t even count how many testing disappointments it’s been.

I’m also 44 going on 45 in May. The conception world in my age can be a negative place to thrive in sometimes we can be our own advocates or biggest fans.

I know I will love and hold my baby one day. Amen 🙏

Anyway... biggest shout outs to all who are TTC and not giving in to barriers or limitations and negativity . Joy in the journey! Go us!

I’m also super happy for all who have conceived and welcomed their new bundle of LOVE. 🌻💖. Biggest Congrats 🎉🎈 to you all 😀.