just wanted a little advice

so my boyfriend and i had sex for the first time last friday (january 24) and we have been together for more than a year but have known and liked each other for two. so we had sex maybe 6-7 times in a 3 1/2-4 hour period 😅 we stopped in between because i had a break down (because i was sexually abused 5 years ago and it still affects me) and we had cuddle breaks and all that but we only used two condoms. and we only did this because he never came. he only came once before he left and that was for a handjob. i was wondering why he didn’t cum...any ideas ladies? i didn’t give him head before we had sex or anything like that but he says it was because he was in shock but i’m not sure. and i know he’s not hooking up with anyone else and he didn’t do anything himself before coming over. he was hard the entire time and he was even hard after he left. i don’t know just someone help a girl out