What should i do?


My boyfriend cheated on me a long time ago but I ended up forgiving him and we got back together through the time we were not together I was really heartbroken I couldn’t eat I couldn’t sleep I couldn’t do anything except think about him and the way we used to be so when he told me he wanted to get back together and that he was sorry for cheating on me I agreed and we started dating again we acted as if nothing happened but that resulted into problems later on recently our energy has not been the same it’s like he is hiding something from me again like before and he is not feeling the relationship I am worried that he might break up with me again and I don’t wanna go through the same stuff I’ve been through before I have been cheated on in the past by other guys and I’m not sure what to do but what I know is that I love him so much and I don’t want to lose him because he means almost everything to me I haven’t been very happy before when we were not in a relationship and before I met him I was in a dark place so when he came into my life I was really happy that I had someone to share my story with he accepted me and all of my flaws. but over time I noticed that he talks to a lot of girls and I don’t like that I have asked him to delete certain females off his Snapchat and Instagram but I found out later on he just added them back I’ve gotten really tired of these games and I’m not sure if I should just break up with him and go through the heartbreak to spare myself the betrayal that I went there before but I just love them so much and it hurts to lose someone like that in my life especially right now when I have so much going on.