In the last week a lump showed up in the front of my throat, I feel it when I swallow and I've been getting headaches. I went to my family physician and she arranged bloodwork and an ultrasound. I work in labour and delivery and happened to be working with my ob the next day and she told me she would call me in the next few days when her office gets the results..

So this morning (one day after ultrasound) I get a phone call from my doctors cellphone.. She called me personally to tell me there is a 2.9cm mass of abnormal tissue (I assumed on my thyroid, but she didn't specify) that I need an urgent biopsy on..

I am almost 32 weeks pregnant.. Have a two and a half year old son and haven't slept in days.. I have been throwing up and crying.. It's so stressful.

I don't know what the results of the biopsy will be, or even when it will be.. I'm hoping soon as this stress isn't good for me or my baby..

My friend was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 32 and he's been cleared now, I know that if you're going to have any cancer thyroid is the better option.. I'm worried it's my throat not my thyroid.. She didn't specify and I wish I could see my own ultrasound report..