PSA: There’s no RIGHT or WRONG way to give birth!

Ever since I got pregnant I’ve been asked multiple times which way I WANT to give birth. My response has always been “I’d like to try vaginally, but if I have to have a c-section then I’m all for doing what’s best for the baby and for myself.” Then hearing people making comments about both ways is so annoying. “People who have c-sections don’t know what it’s really like to experience birth” and “I don’t know why you’d choose to do it vaginally and wreck yourself and your baby’s head on the way out, go with a c-section it’s so much better.” 😤

Bottom line: whatever you WANT to do is YOUR CHOICE and there is no right or wrong way about it! You’ve been carrying your sweet child for nine months and that should NEVER be taken away from you no matter how you want to deliver.

(Thanks for the vent sesh!”