What should i do?

I feel like my mindset is very toxic and i really need to cut it out asap. I’m 23 and my bf of two months is 24. He’s a great guy, and things are going well. I’ve never had a long term relationship before and it’s super shitty because i feel like i don’t know how to act in one. It’s embarrassing af. I wish i could go back in time and date literally anyone just so i can have experience because this actually fucking sucks. But anyways. that’s not the point of the post. i’ve just been feeling down by the way he’s been texting me lately. it’s a lot less than usual. he does text me cute ideas to do together in the future and stuff but lately he hasn’t really said anything romantic or flirty anymore like before. It’s kinda worrying me. i don’t do it back because i don’t wanna seem clingy or anything. Should i talk to him about this or just leave it alone? i really need some advice, i really do not know how relationships work. in person everything is great between us (besides me being a little nervous sometimes). should i just chill and maybe not answer him for awhile tomorrow?