Are my parents being hypocritical?

My mom married my dad knowing that he was an active smoker. By smoker I mean he smoked at least 1 pack a day for like 35 years. He’s quit and hasn’t smoked in about 5 years. My dad never smoked in the house though, he always went outside to do it, and my parents always talk about how when I was a baby/child they wouldn’t let me be around smoking.

I’ve been with with my boyfriend for 6 years now (we are 21) and he is a smoker. He smokes inside his house (that was the environment he grew up in). My parents complain on a daily basis about the fact that he smokes and my mom said if she were me, she wouldn’t continue dating him because he’s a smoker. I told her that she literally married my dad knowing he smoked and I told my dad that he’s hypocritical to judge someone else for smoking when he smoked for all those years. My parents say they are not being hypocritical.

Am I right that my parents are being hypocritical?

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