Top teeth

How long did it take for your child’s top teeth(the first ones) to actually come in? She’s had one top tooth trying to cut through for at least a month and it’s still not out. I can see the corner of it has come thru the gums but that’s it, for over a month. And I can tell by her gums that 4-6 of the top are making there way out as well but this has been going on for several months. She is 15months. I guess I just figured once I could see the tooth thru the gums that it would come thru in a couple days, but it’s been at least 4 weeks🤔

I even posted a pic of her gum line about 3 months ago and people said the teeth were definitely fixing to make an appearance.

I realize it’s different for each child, just curious if others took actual months to bust all the way thru once it has cut thru the gums.