TMI - Orgasm

Heyy Everyone

I have a very strange question to ask

So ...

My boyfriend is the first guy to make me cum and orgasm, and after a while he got to learn my body and where all my sweet spots are.

Last weekend, we were busy kissing and getting touchy and then, with my pants on, he made me cum / squirt by just touching my legs and body ...

After a few minutes, when my pants where off, but still not doing anything, it happened again and it didnt stop. It came pouring out every few seconds... I kept squirting and cumming without warning.

We would be talking and asking what is wrong and it would happen again.

So it's not like we were trying to make me do it, we were having a casual conversation and it still kept going on every few seconds ...

When he's inside me, it also happens, so it does happen when we're busy.

It only happens when I'm "horny"

Now my question is :

Is it normal for me to constantly, every few seconds, cum and squirt without anything happening or any touching ?

Please help ..*!! šŸ™ˆ