I can’t believe he did that!


Long story short. I am married to a wonderful man who I’ve loved my entire love life. He was my first boyfriend, we split up for 4 years after I moved to another country and we couldn’t survive the long distance relationship. The reason we broke up was because I wanted to build a better life in a free country (we are from Cuba) and turned out his family was too important for him to leave, apparently more important than me. We got back together a little more than a year ago and we got married in July last year. He is an amazing person and treats me like a queen, the problems arise when his family is in the middle. I dealt with the past telling myself I couldn’t judge someone for loving his family and we agreed how much different everything was this time, because we were both willing to do EVERYTHING to be with each other: Him moving to US with me and me staying in Cuba as long as the immigration papers took. I put my whole life in a suitcase once again and move in with him. Everything was like a honeymoon until 3 weeks ago. He got a visa to Mexico, a long time dream that he has because his parents go there all the time and half of his family live there now. First he didn’t even told me the news directly, I had to find out from a conversation with his sister, he was celebrating with his parents and didn’t even consider important to tell me. I decided to let it pass, I didn’t want it to dramatize over it. Then next day he tells me that he is going with his parents (which already had tickets from like a month ago) and that we were going to be too many people staying at his aunt’s and that it was not possible for me to go, so he was going alone, WHATTT??? I was so so mad, not only I was missing the trip to Cancun, which I didn’t care too much, but I had to stay alone in a country were I am only to be with him. We fought hard about it and he apologized saying that it was not his intention to make me feel bad, that he was just so excited that he didn’t even thought about it all the way thru. Once again I decided not to dramatize too much over it (only the necessary) and got the tickets for both of us. We were gonna stay in a Airbnb but her cousin said we should stay with the family even if we are uncomfortable, and got us an inflatable bed. I decided to put my feelings aside because it was his first trip to capitalism (Cubans will understand) and I was also excited to share those moments with him (although he didn’t thought about that at first). We arrived Saturday and we had the best of days on Sunday with his entire family. Everything was going great until this morning that I was in bed on my phone because my ovaries were killing me and he comes to me and says that he was going to go Walmart with his dad and mom ( You say whaaaat?). I was infuriated, he was going out expecting to leave me alone at the house (everyone else was working) while he was out with his parents, WTF. First I wasn’t important enough to come to the trip and now I am not important enough to go around the city even if it is to go to Walmart (actually I was waiting for him to wake up to go together because I need it some provisions for myself). He invited me after he noticed I was mad but I was too sad to go with them and he left anyways because “he was not going to let me ruin his day”. They left at 10 am and didn’t came back until 5 pm. I went to another Walmart by myself because I need it my things anyways. Omg I am beyond sad. I know some of you might not understand me or think that I am overreacting, but this is husband we are talking about, I am supposed to be his priority and somehow I feel that I am always competing with his family. I can’t believe this is happening, we were so good and now I am waiting for the next time he will make me feel like I am not important enough. Maybe all this are my hormones because right now I am on my period, and I am really wishing for it to be just in my mind. The worst part was that he got home (his family house) after leaving me alone all day and expecting for everything to be just fine, after he realized it wasn’t like that, he took a nap and woke up 2 hours later. We haven’t spoke all night, he is sleeping and I am just sad and worried about the future of my marriage. I love this guy, girls. All I want is a little bit of advice and some opinion to stir my feelings up. Please help me out with this one and ask any questions you want. Thank you in advance if you read all this and thank you for commenting. Good day everyone