Pregnancy ? HELP

I don’t usually do this but I am over thinking and scared ... me and my boyfriend had sex ( un protected) well it wasn’t really full on sex it was hurting a lot but it was only for a little till I felt a lot of wetness and I tend to know I am more on the wet side he says he knows for sure he never finished but it was just oddly wet a week after I took a test and it was negative my friends got it from the dollar tree they have all used before and been right so I’m hopping mine is right too I was supposed to start the 28th of February and still nothing Ik it’s been said that sex can delay ur period but I’m just nervous because I’m a little bloated on the bottom of my stomach Ik it hasn’t been that long sense we had sex but I’m praying it’s just bloating because my period will start soon . But I also read it could be a early sign of pregnancy it’s hard also don’t know if that means anything I just can’t seem to remember what it feels like to be bloated so please HELP it’s stressing me out so bad and I don’t have anyone to talk too