UPDATED:100% unfair

So my husband and I recently got a house in Cali and we moved from New York to Cali. The house is 7. bedroom 4 bathroom and it’s beautiful. But here’s the thing. We decided that our kids would have to pick their own room somewhat of a game. Before we got married I had 3 kids he had 3 kids so 5 girls 1 boy. Ages range from 13-17

So we got to the house and we explain to them that they can pick there own room in a race and it’s first come first serve. And in order for us to know we ask them to record them running to the room and stay their till we come and see them in their. Rooms are from the ground level to upstairs and then the attic

The house has 2 master bedroom an we already had dips on the room so we locked it. We told them that a room is locked and it’s our room

So the race started and I see my husband daughter make a b-like for the stairs when the there’s and checking out the downstairs

But wouldn’t you know it she got the other mast bedroom and I feel like that bit fault to the other kids who wanted that room.so over dinner the kids asked if they can trade room

And we said sure

My daughter asked to trade with her and she said no. The master room has the 12 foot walk-in closet and a amazing bedroom

My daughter room is also very nice but she wanted the closet and the fact the bedroom has a bathroom in it

Later when I talked to my husband about it he said he can’t make his daughter give up the room she got there first and that was that

This was a month ago and we’re all Settled in but my daughter hates the fact that she has to share a bathroom with her sisters while my husband daughters bathroom is in her room and no one use it

What’s can I do as a mother for my daughter to get that room

UPDATE::This is any first world problem and I’m not privileged

I feel as if she doesn’t need such a big room my daughter has to cram her clothes in to her closet and her room isn’t big enough to fit her makeup vanity so she threw it out. Only for my husband daughter to say she’s ll take it and she painted it gold and put it in her room my daughter said she wants it back and she’ll put it in the bathroom she share which her sisters

AND SHE SAID NO. MY HUSBAND-does nothing about this type of behavior and disrespect. You guys thing that I’m a spoiled brat and that I don’t have love for those kids

The only reason I agreed to move to Cali was for his kids to be closer to their mother. His daughter finest really stay at home she’s always out or at her mothers house

Her mother has equal ya nice house I believe 5 bedroom 3 bathroom and all 3 of her kids have their own room at her house

I’ve done everything for this family and all I asked was my daughter get the room