Hospital bag advice


Last night at our birthing class, the Doula who was teaching gave us really good advice. She said pack 2 bags, one that is your birth bag -has snacks, gatorade, swimsuit top for the tub, robe, basic toiletries, charger, anything else you would want during and before birth like a ball or essential oils.

Then the second bag is your postpartum bag that someone can swap from the car after you deliver. In this you have 1-2 outfits max for baby, nursing bra, pjs for yourself and significant other, slippers, outfit to go home in for you and significant other.

She said a majority of hospitals in the US will supply everything else you need; pads, diapers, wipes, nipple cream, breast pump, formula, ect. They send you home with the open pack of diapers and wipes because they are no longer sterile, so even if you aren't going straight home you will have a couple extra in the car.

She said most people way over pack and end up rolling out suitcases with a ton of stuff they never touched. Hope this helps!