Intimacy after 2 kids

Has anyone ever felt they loose their Intimate relationship after having 2 kids? I had my 1st baby dec2018 and my 2nd oct 2019. Since then we've been intimate twice. I just dont feel in the mood lately and he keeps pressuring me to and keeps teasing me and messing with me and then gets mad when I shut down and move away from him. I've tried a relaxing spa day that didnt do anything. I work from 5am to 6pm every night. He expects it to be all about him where he doesnt have to help with the kids. I'm drained, I'm stressed, I'm working plus taking care of my kids where I do 97% of it all. Then he gets mad when I ask him for help. I dont think I should have to ask for help it should just be in his nature to help. I want more kids later on but how am i supposed to do that when theres no intimacy?