4 days of stims ultrasound (technically, cycle day 6)... feedback?


Looking for some feedback after my first monitoring ultrasound. I’ve completed only 4 days of stims (gonal-f and Menopur). My estradiol is 440, nurse said that was great. And They measured six follicles between 9 and 12mm. Specifically, in the left ovary they measured 9, 9, 10, and 12mm follicles, and in the right they measured 11 and 11mm follicles. They did not say whether or note there were smaller ones but I’m assuming there are since she said “the others will follow suit”! I have longer cycles (30-35 days) so I’m hoping I’m a good responder to the meds, it’s just taking a little bit more time. I go back in 2 days for another monitoring. Anyone have feedback for me? Similar experience? Nurse does not seem worried one bit, but I was hoping for a few more measuring follicles..