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Aj • 18 amos @cait1in02

okay i get that not a lot of people will read this because it’s gonna be a lot but i’m so fucking lost...

i’m 17 i have/had a boyfriend whom we made the decision to sneak him into my house 3 times and have sex, we both said we wouldn’t have sex again because neither one of us were ready for that in the relationship, well my parents didn’t like him because he smokes weed and said that he wasn’t ever allowed in the house without them being there and knowing he was there and never allowed in my room. well long story short i’m not allowed to date him, talk to him, or be near him. god it sucks but ya know. my mother hates him and so does my dad, we said when i turn 18 in december i will get a job and start saving for a apartment. my mom said she won’t let me move out until i graduate at 19 (i’m a year behind) and i can’t get a job while living with her until i am a senior with good grades. i love this boy i really do. what do i do..? i’m so lost