Unsupportive family


Today my husband and I found out the gender of our second child. We were so excited when the doctor told us we were having a boy. We immediately told my parents and his parents because we like to keep them updated. When we told his family they asked if we had picked out a name, we told them we had chose Mateo Manuel Sanchez. And they were so loving and supportive. They told us they loved the name and that they couldn’t wait. When we told my parents they got quiet and then told us it was a terrible name, that he would be bullied because it sounds like potato. And that we should keep looking for a better name because that name sounds like trouble. This obviously crushed me, my husband and I absolutely loved the name we picked. Of course it is our choice but I found it completely wrong of my parents to be so rude and judge mental. My question is what would you do? Would you stand your ground and keep the name or would you look at other options so that people weren’t so mean about your child’s name? I’m at a complete loss and would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.