Should I start working as a nurse before or after giving birth


First time mom here. 14 weeks pregnant. I’m taking the NCLEX in April. I’m moving to Texas on Friday. I just graduated from nursing school and I had a great RN job lined up in one of the largest ERs here in FL. Now I’m starting from scratch. I have letters of recommendation and a great GPA. I had loads of connections from working and doing clinicals here in FL. Even if I get a job right away in TX (best case scenario) I’ll need time off to heal and figure out life as a first time mom. I won’t get FMLA since I would’ve just started this hypothetical new job.

Should I take up an odd job until I’m settled with my newborn or should I go straight into the nursing field and expect that they’ll be understanding when I’ll ask for time off right after they finish the 3 months of training. Will they potentially fire me? 🤷‍♀️

I want to start off on the right foot. I like being good at what I do.

Also - Financially I have some flexibility.

Also- I’m not showing much yet

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