Zari • 🎀Mommy of Chanel Malia Macalino🎀 & Yazmin Dior Macalino 🎀

I found out I am pregnant after 3 months of having my baby girl Chanel. Honestly I am nervous about this one. I was so wrapped up in being a first time mom that I irresponsibly forgot about my appointment to get my birth control, had sex, and BOOM 2 dark lines in a couple of weeks.

One thing I’ve learned during my last pregnancy was to never look on the internet for any answers to the curiosities you may have about yourself or symptoms and to simply ask your physician.. but me being stubborn and daring I looked up “pregnancy after 3 months of having child” & got the results of low-birth weight, ruptured uterus etc.... I freaked. I have an appointment in a couple days which is great so I can get more information. Also my mother told me she had found out she was pregnant with my brother 3 months after having my oldest brother as well. Has anyone gone through this at some point? If so, how did your pregnancy go?