CA residents who have to be home

I am actually really kind of liking that ppl have to stay home. I went to the store yesterday and there were ppl but not too much. The streets weren’t to crowded for a Saturday morning. It was nice. I’m glad that was enforced because this virus is scary. BUT also what I do like about it is it forces ppl to stay home and be a family and do things together. I’ve always been a home body. I love to cook and bake.. the works. Yesterday my husband and I took our 6 month old out for a walk ( I always try to get in a walk with her. She’s so fun). I seen so many families that I never had all just sitting out front or others walking. Mind you I walk all the time. It brought life to my block. My block is boring. Ppl don’t decorate really and kids don’t really come for Halloween. So seeing all these ppl and hearing the laughter made me happy. What do you feel/think about having to stay home?