Sharing a traumatizing story to you.

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-Long post sorry in advance

I got beat with a heavy push broom with metal rings around it for trying to go to Dollar General.

The story is I started my period randomly. Realized I didnt have any pads. I was like 19 or 20 when this occurred. I said dad can I go to DG. He was like no it's too late. It was only 5 PM but to him that's late. It was also winter so it was getting dark early. I said I have an emergency. I started my period. But it was like he didn't know what I was talking about. He wouldn't take me himself. I even called around to close by family members if they could take me or bring me some. But they were all busy. My mom was out of town.

So I was going to get in the car and leave. He just made me so mad. But he heard me get the keys. He chased me out the door with the broom. I fell off the porch which is about 4 ft off the ground and hurt my leg. It hurt so bad I thought I broke it. So now here I am helpless on the ground getting beat. This went on what felt like forever but was like 10 minutes. I had bruises and cuts everywhere and I bled through my pants. I was limping around for a month.

Still helpless on the ground crying my eyes. Here my comes my mom back but she like took his side and I should respect because he's my dad.


But dont sugar coat I probably deserved it all But im still just traumatized.

I wanted to beat him back so badly. But I was hurt. If I didnt fall I could have outrun him. I did eventually go to DG. My grandfather got me and I went in his car. I stayed with him for a few days.

I didnt talk to my sister for a year because she laughed at me. I can still feel where I hurt my knee.

Found this out later!: I was only going to go to DG about 5 miles away. Would have been back like 30 minutes tops. He thought I was going to stay out for hours and go shopping. I didn't say that. I said quick trip to DG and come right back. But he wouldn't listen. He also thought I was lying about the position of a store. The DG I was going to was new and he didn't know it existed.

He said I did all this because I didn't respect him. I have never done anything against his wishes before. He just has the worst temper ever. He's also kind of stupid. His way of thinking is backwards and doesn't make sense. And my mom has divorced him.

I'm sorry but I had to vent. I just still have PTSD. I cry uncontrollably everytime it creeps up on me. One of things leading to my depression was this incident.