Step Mom is getting in my last nerve


So my dad lost his job of 10 years and was struggling to make ends meet (in Mexico) so he asked me if id help him out by having him come stay with my husband and I while he worked to save up money for immigration (he can legally come to the US but not permanently live here) He re married and has 2 kids, 11 and 2. I have a 3 year old. After talking to my husband we said it was fine since it was temporary. After a month im so fed up. first i felt like ok we are all adjusting and Im trying not to make anyone uncomfortable but I feel thing keep getting worse.

My dad works all day so hes pretty much never home so theres really no issue with him.. but i just feel like his wife wants to do things the way shes used to at her house instead of adjusting to the way i do things.

I understand kids are kids but im constantly telling the kids not to run inside the house, not to eat in the living room, pick up toys, dont fight. I think she got the hint on some things but instead of telling the kids not do do something when she sees it shes like, "your sister is going to get you in trouble"

These are my brothers not my kids i feel like i shouldnt be the one to have to get them in trouble.

I have my own restroom in my room so i hardly ever use the main restroom but if i have guests over i dont think i should have to make them go in my room to use the restroom because the main one is dirty. But i just think it's embarrassing to me to have friends or family use the restroom while it smells like pee or poo.

She literally does nothing all day besides drink coffee and go on facebook. When im off i like to sleep in and when i wake up i dont get hungry right away so sometimes i dont make myself breakfast until 12ish and my brothers are up by like 7 the latest and still havent had breakfast by the time im making breakfast so i have to feed them.. my dad does pitch in for food so i dont mind giving them food i just feel bad that theyre waiting for me to make breakfast and meanwhile theyre starving!!

The other day she made a chicken salad and I was craving pizza. She was in the shower and i knocked and let her know i was going to pick up some pizza and asked if she or the kids wanted some and she said to ask the kids which of course they said yes.. she called my name and asked where i was going and i told her same place I always did, and she just said ok. She didnt even offer to pitch in, yet while i was on my way to the pizza place she asked if i would stop by for a bottle of wine.

Yesterday we grilled some food outside and i was cooking inside while my husband set up the grill. She came out and asked if i needed help and i said sure you can cut up some veggies. Maybe 3 minutes later her phone rings so she stops and takes the call so my husband comes inside and helps out cutting the veggies. When she got off the phone she tells my husband... oh youre already doing it just finish the rest.

I was beyond annoyed that my husband when out of his way to but meat so we can grill since we cant go out anywhere and on top of that he had to do the work too? All while she sipped on some wine

My dad was at work and she had already finished a whole bottle of wine and she started drinking beer and later she was debating if she should keep drinking beer ir open the next bottle..

all i said was, my dad is almost off so he should be home soon and she was like, so ive seen him super drunk. I had to go to the store to pick up some stuff and she was so drunk she wasnt taking care of my 2 year old brother and he almost touched the grill so i decided to take him with me. She ended up getting super drunk and even spilled soda all over the floor.

This morning I woke up and started cleaning the mess and when she got up she went to the living room and talked to her sister on the phone. She didnt even offer to help or atleast clean the mess she made.

Am I asking too much for her to help out with the dishes or to put dishes away, clean the stove when she cooks or clean the restroom?

Ive tried talking to her nicely about it, sitting everyone down and going over a list of house rules, printing and posting it on the fridge and nothing works! Patience is not my virtue i feel like im going to start being petty about things at this point.