Pregnant or PMS?!


Alright ladies. I’ve never asked anything on this, but I need help!

I stopped using my BC patch in May 2019. And have had ZERO luck with pregnancies so far. I’m not sure if that’s normal as I can’t find much on women using the patch! I had been on it for about eleven years.

Now I’m two weeks away from my period and this past week I’ve been super constipated (which I’ve never been, im usually super regular) and the past three days my breast have been SUPERRRRR sore. I was even up all night because my t-shirt was hurting them.

Is this just premenstral cycle stuff..? Orrrrrr what.

If I’m not pregnant, when should I see a doctor to find out why I haven’t gotten pregnant yet?

I’m 27 yo, married.

H E L P please. 🙃