Confused ...


My period is due tomorrow and has always been clockwork, however last week I experienced what I would describe as spotting for the first day but this lasted for four days and after the first day it seemed to be more than spotting but still not enough to fill a sanitary towel and by the 4th day it went back to spotting.

I spoke to a doctor on Tuesday who suggested implantation bleeding, I’ve taken several pregnancy tests since the bleeding stopped but they were all negative.

So what I’m confused about is that this has never happened before, do you think my period has just randomly changed?

At first I thought I was having a miscarriage but the bleeding was so light, lighter than my usual period. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


So after taking pregnancy tests for up to a week after this bleeding that I experienced early just in case it was implantation bleeding, they were all negative so I accepted that my period just came really early.

Fast forward to Saturday just gone when my next period was due but didn’t show so I took another test and what do you know!? IT’S POSITIVE 😅😅👏🏻