' You feel uncomfortable - you should of seen what I just saw ! '


So about 2 years ago , I had my first Pap and about passed out. My man had to come in after and calm me down. He does amazing when I have a hard time with medical things. He gives me a monthly shot because I can't do so myself and holds my hand everytime I need to give blood

The other day , we went to the doctor about my irregular periods and how we have been TTC for 2 years and no luck. I thought I was in the clear for getting checked downstairs because I was bleeding but NOPE 🙃

My man made a joke when we first got into the room about the dog poster above the bed and said

They give patients a sad dog poster to stare at while they lay there

So I said

I guess I'll have to look at it now 🤣😭

I warned the doctor about my pap and how I get really nervous and worked up. James stayed with me in the room this time but sat on the other side of the room

My doctor began her thaang and I said

This is so uncomfortable !!!

And James said

You feel uncomfortable ?! How do you think I feel ? * throw up noises * I saw what she just took out of you babe !

And I could not stop laughing. It got me through the rest of the procedure. He knows me so well and knows how to calm me down , make me feel better 😌