Kinda taboo question about who to let in the delivery room

As everyone knows, most hospitals are limiting moms to 1 birth support person.

I want my mom there. I have had 2 other kids and she was there both times. She brings me peace and helps me just so much.

Now, this is where it gets kinda iffy. The dad is someone who was literally a 1 night stand. We had sex once. We barely talked through the pregnancy. I haven’t even seen him since I got pregnant. We have random texts where he asks how the baby is and etc.

He wants to be there for his first child being born. But my thing is it would bring me no comfort and actually probably make me very uncomfortable.

But... that’s my sons dad like it or not I could see why he would want to be there but what about me ...

I will be there for 3 days bc of strep b and the hospital has in place whoever your 1 person is has to be the only one the entire time. No swapping out and if he leaves, he can’t come back. But he is like a stranger to me anyways. Just ugh

Any advice ? Do not need a speech I know I messed up but imso beyond happy about my son.