Crazy how when it’s the other way around no one gives a shit

I guess I’m just frustrated, when I had my car I was always taking people

Places like a fucking taxi ! Oh you need to go to the store I got you , oh you wanna visit your man at the jail I got you , you have a dr appointment I got you anything anyone needed I was there in a heart beat. It’s crazy how now everything is changed an I got into a car wreck an nobody is there to be found . I’ve been having to Uber to my appointments with my daughter an her car seat an there were times I’ve gotten stranded with my daughter when I went to get blood drawn an a stranger saw me an her sitting outside an gave us a ride. I know what you’re thinking but she was the sweetest woman ever an I could tell she was really concerned I just cried tbh. An tomorrow I have an appointment at the OB for my new pregnancy an I’m just frustrated because here I go again. That’s why I haven’t gone to get my blood drawn again I won’t be sure if I’m able to get a ride back an I can’t risk being stranded outside in the cold with my daughter it’s been raining if it was just me I wouldn’t care I would just walk home but since I have her an the car seat I don’t want her to get sick an it’s too much to carry. I’ve done nothing but stress this pregnancy so far about everything an I’m not looking forward to tomorrow at all I hate appointment days I can’t stand them. An tbh it really does hurt my feelings because I take a step back an see that I really don’t have anyone there for me not at all an I’ve been there for sooo many people with money , or with rides , or whatever they needed an I never asked for anything in return that’s not why I did it but it’s amazing to me that they don’t give two shits about me or my daughter. I really feel all alone more than I ever felt before but when I get a car again I’m not dealing with the same bullshit that’s for sure I’m keeping to myself an not worrying about anyone other than my kids