Possibly pregnant during this pandemic šŸ˜³


Alright so my husband and I have been trying for our 2nd baby for about 8 months now. I had a chemical pregnancy in January that was really disappointing and then skipped trying last month. This month we decided to try again and I got my positive opk on March 11. So March 13 comes and all of a sudden we are under a state of emergency and the whole world is shutting down by a deadly virus. šŸ¤¦ā€ā™€ļø

I have been trying and hoping for a baby for so long and am so excited about this possibility but am just so nervous! Im also worried

it could be another chemical as Iā€™m only 12 dpo and period is due in 2 days.

Are any of you worried about trying to get pregnant during this epidemic?

Do you think this is positive?