My heart hurts


My heart is aching like I’ve been through a break up. I’m happily married to a wonderful husband who never hurts me so this pain is so foreign to me.😔 I’m too tired to write out all the silly little details but long story short my best friend (knew her my entire life, we were babies together, I used to sit on her moms lap when she was in the womb) and I broke up at age 23, I’m 28 now. Because of the break up I never had the heart to put together my wedding. She was there for the court house wedding and I just couldnt imagine my wedding without her in it. The big incident happened the day we went wedding dress shopping and so that didn’t help either. A small part of why we broke up is the guy she was dating. Or at least her dating him certainly didn’t help.

And today She reached out to me today to let me know she was thinking of me in these troubling times. It didn’t lead to any real conversation but I noticed her profile pic had changed, and saw that she had gotten married to that guy. Big beautiful dress the whole nine yards. I’m a little jealous, I’ll be honest. But also really hurt. We still arnt friends. I’m not her maid of honor. Her other friend from HS is, I’m not apart of her life. And i know I’m better for it. I really do. But it just stings. And I had to vent. Thanks for listening.