Moving during Rona


I’m moving into a bigger place with my family due to our expected addition so all this time we have off is sort of working in my favor to pack and unclutter. Today I noticed a bag that I had full of maternity clothes is completely gone. No where to be found and I’m mildly depressed lol but seriously😞 I had my oldest child and husband helping take trash down and I believe one of them grabbed it by mistake and tossed it. Now I don’t see how that could happen because it was not in a trash bag but a large shopping bag but either way the mistake was made and I cried for hours. I think because I know I can’t really afford to replace the items because I’m out of work right now due to Rona and even if I could afford it all the stores are closed not to open until god knows when but in the mean time I still have appointments to go to because I am high risk... I’m showing now so none of my clothes fit and I’m only going to get bigger. I think the stress of moving during this time with everything non essential being shut down at this point combined with not really even being sure if our furniture will be delivered and the moving company we were going to have move us is saying they can no longer do so is also having a major impact on why I’m so upset. Maybe the fact that I know the actual dollar value of the clothes that are now gone too. Also with the current state we’re in clothes that fit will not be a priority for me for a while and I just feel so bummed because I purchased that stuff trying to be prepared for my body changes while being on a budget. 😞 Even though I know the bag is gone I’m awake still looking for it.