Before my second baby (born August 2019) I had gotten involved in home workouts. I did fantastic and had no problem getting motivated to wake up early before work so I could workout and even ran after work a couple days a week for extra cardio. I got in shape saw a major difference in a week and two weeks after that was at my goal and just worked on toning.

Ever since baby came, I am having a hell of a time getting motivated. At first it was because he was a preemie and I spent 4 weeks living at the hospital with him. I dropped all my pregnancy weight fast because of the stress. Then when I got home, I struggled because of postpartum depression and anxiety. I wasn’t sleeping because baby wouldn’t sleep. I stayed on the couch all night every night trying to get him to sleep in his pack n play. My husband started drinking a ton and was really shitty, which added horrible effects to my depression and anxiety.

We’re finally past all that. Baby is 7 months old and sleeps great at night. Husband is no longer drinking and we’ve worked past the troubles. And I’m seeing a counselor for the PPD. But I cannot get myself motivated to work out every like I did before! I sleep until baby wakes up, no matter how much I tell myself I’m going to get up and work out. Because of the depression, I have gained back literally everything I lost. I weigh what I did when I was pregnant. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been outside of being pregnant and I hate myself.

What can I do to get the motivation back?! I need help. I do beachbody, and I think part of the reason I was successful before is because I was part of an accountability group on Facebook. I no longer have Facebook so that isn’t an option. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m sure the short answer is I have to just set my mind and do it, that just isn’t working for me right now. I feel better when I work out too so I think it would help with the depression and anxiety. I need help!