My relationship may be ending

Jessica • Jess

I’m so hurt and sad about my relationship with my baby girl’s father. After a year and a half in It May very Well be over and my daughter is only 4 weeks old . We just haven’t been getting along and seeing eye to eye . We will have our happy moments and get along and then back to stupid ass pointless ass arguments that will blow up to huge arguments . I take accountability in what I have been doing wrong as far as communication and mindfulness of my emotions . But we have said some things to each other that can’t be taken back . I’m so heartbroken. Definitely thought I found my soulmate . I remember we would sit in front of a tv that was turned off in pitch black and talk for hours about life and just enjoy each other’s company . I want that . I want that so bad again . Ugh . So much has happened with us having this baby, to the Coronavirus, him moving in with me . It’s so so much . Just needed to vent . Feel free to comment and offer advice. Will accept the feedback .