Due date 4/26 ..


So I am a little over 37 weeks now. Was wondering if anyone is still currently working who has yet to have their baby..?

I ask because I'm starting to consider starting my leave earlier due to everything going on in the world


I work in an emergency room and week by week I feel this is just getting worse and worse. It's all honestly starting to freak me out a little.

To top it off, I have another drs apt tomorrow and they had just called me to inform me about the new policy. Now when I arrive tomorrow I was told that I would need to call from my car. 3 patients are allowed in at a time, so someone will come out, hand me a mask, and escort me in.😰

.. I know everyone is probably just about as paranoid and worried, but what's everyone's thoughts


Struggling between working until the 25th so I can continue to get PTO, or just stop now and realize the money is not that important right now..