Visitors being respectful


Anyone else feeling a little stressed about visitors after baby comes?

All I want is for people to be respectful of whatever we decide. Idk how long we will want to wait before we are comfortable having visitors.. but my MIL doesn’t exactly understand boundaries and this is her first grandchild so she is way excited. She also seems to think the whole virus is overrated, so I worry she isn’t exactly following recommendations.

My parents on the other hand have expressed many times that they won’t visit until we say we are ready. But this is their 4th grandchild and they babysit my nephew two days a week right now..

I’m not really sure what I’m expecting from you all out of this post.. I guess I’m just feeling stressed that people aren’t going to understand or be respectful of whatever rules we set when we bring baby home. I can’t honestly say for sure how we will feel yet.. And I’m curious if anyone else out there gets what I’m feeling..