Husband trouble

Long story

Marries since 2013.

2 kids aged 3 years and 11 months.

Back in november husband broke down and said he hates life and doesnt love me as much as I love him.

I tried my hardest to make him feel loved.

In January we had a big argument and I told him to go to his parents for respite.

In February I returned to work. Day before i went back i found he had made comments on other womens insta posts saying things like beautiful/wish i could shower with you etc. These women were like models/porn stars whatever you want to call them

Huge argument again. He said he felt ashamed and embarrassed.

We have basically ignored all this and continued our lives for the sake of the kids.

But I dont think either of us are happy. We both find work is respite for us especially for me because I find 2 kids in lockdown stressful.

We show no affection to each other. He never compliments me. He barely notices me.

Basically what should we do?

Lockdown is bad enough but we dont act like a normal married couple despite having 2 small kids