He went partying and didn’t let me know..😬


So I found out that my boyfriend went to a party last night and didn’t tell me he was going or that he was even there (He smoked weed and drank). His friend kinda ratted him out when I was in the car with them so that’s how I know. I feel like I don’t need to know his every move but idk how to feel about this. I guess he wasn’t planning on telling me at all. We were in an argument that day so I was being pretty dry over text and he seemed to not really care. I think that he was texting me when he was at the party though. I do trust him but just don’t know if I should confront him about not telling me. What should I do? Should I try to innocently question him about it? Or leave it alone? I just wanna know why he couldn’t let me know or something.