Husband pregnancy gift

Maude • •👼🏼C 💙•H🌈•B🐻

So I talked in another post about how I can’t have sex with my husband. My body is so turned off this pregnancy and I honestly feel bad. He doesn’t force me to, but we’ve just always had a really fun sex life so it’s been hard on BOTH of us. Someone suggested that I just need to show him I love him in other ways. So we’ve been kinder to each other, we’ve been sending more meaningful texts etc. but I really want to do something nice for him. Like a little gift basket, also it’s almost Father’s Day too! So what are some ideas? This will be our first born baby (hopefully) we lost a baby boy already 👼🏼🤍 I was thinking of ordering a dad shirt of some sorts but I also don’t know what else to get. So that’s where you come in! What are some things your husbands like? Mine is into cars, his beard, Oreos, lol and that’s all I can think of. I’m trying to be more creative and see if there’s any more must have “guy” things you suggest!