Hi All,

Hoping to hear some similar stories. We had our anatomy scan back in February and it showed dilation of the left kidney, it was to be under 4mm, and his was 5.5mm. At the time we were told this could be a soft marker for Downs Syndrome, but not to worry because this is found often and will typically go away with a follow up scan. Well we had our 32 week follow up scan this past Monday and they like to see it under 7mm, and his increased to 11.4mm. At this time, they brought the genetic counselor in and asked if I would like genetic testing to help ease my mind for Downs. I had the blood work done, but need to wait 10-14 days for results. I am stressing myself out with this. I'm sure everything is fine, but I cant help but worry!! Anyone else go back for a follow up scan and the pylectasis was still present or increased?