Seeking for advice at this point 😥💔

Ima try to explain what I'm trying to say as much as possible, with eyes full of tears, .... so please yall, bare with me..... I went to the doctor today, Only to find that the Sac is measuring at 6weeks and 3days,... even thou I'm supposed to be 10 weeks today based off my LMP.... which I do understand that I may have ovulated later then I expected. Ok cool. When I went last week for a ultrasound I was just 6 weeks then, the doctor said. They only seen a sac, no baby. Told me it may be too early and to come back in a week (which was today) only to find out the sac is measuring at 6w3d. But the doctor I seen today, is not the one I usually see, and he was basically telling me , in cases like this it's best to just take the pill or get a DNC or let ot go on its own.... basically tell me to just end everything , and that IF a baby does develop, it'll have down syndrome or be retarded..... before I made any decisions, I called my mom, apparently she had my on speaker, and my sister who also attended the same doctor asked me what the doctor name was because if its doctor Matthew, hes not a good doctor non what so ever, when I asked the doctor for his name sure nuff it was Matthew, and my sister IMMEDIATELY told me to get a 2nd opinion from another doctor. When I got an opinion from the doctor I normally sees, she told me I didnt have to take a pill, and that shell set an appointment to come back in 2wks, she said shes seen rare cases where women were in my same shoes and baby developed late, she also did blood work on me, to see if my HCG levels are going up. And if they are that's a good sign, but if they're dropping, of course for me to expect the worst. She did make me feel a stab bit better , but I'm just getting on crying my eyes out, and just wanting a hug .... Lord knows at this point and time, I need this baby more than life it self yall 😥😥😥😥 my heart is broken, I wanna hide from the world and from everyone I told I was pregnant. This will be my 2nd MC since October of 2019. I would like to mention, I still have morning sickness, my breast aren't sore as they use to be, I have headaches, cant keep nothing down, no cramps, no spotting, no discharge.... I had spotting maybe like 2wks ago but when I got it checked out, the doctor told me it was old blood, and that my cervix is closed. which was good. I just need some advice weather it's good or bad . I just need some hope 💔💔💔💔