I'm not sure if my water broke?


So last night, I took a shower, dried myself, put some underwear on...lol

A few minutes later, my husband was kind of messing around down there and was like...damn babe, you need to dry yourself better or your gonna get an infection. I was like I did and I use a hairdryer on low down there as well so I was like wtf. Dried myself a little more... put new underwear on, cuz they were really soaked but nothing ran down my legs or nothing.

Then I got up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom and those undies were soaked as well. It doesn't smell like urine, smells earthy like. Anyways, I ignored it and put some different undies on.

Repeat that experience once more this morning, the water is in the same spot in my underwear but it's not trickling down my legs or coming out constantly. I smelled it this morning and it smelled like salt water? If that makes any sense. Like the ocean. It hurts down there too, like around my vagina when I wipe, which is weird. I'm 38 weeks today. I have my regular NST appt tomorrow, but should I call her today?

Update: my water isn't broken yet but I'm 40% effaced and my babys head is right at the end of my canal! Hell be coming around the mountain soon enough!