Happiness and joy with Mirena....mix feelings

So I was having super heavy periods to the point that I’ve had to have several blood transfusions over the past year. The first thing the doctor wanted to do was give me a hysterectomy but I refused. I think too often make doctors wanna do hysterectomies to solve an issue that could be solved in other ways and don’t cause hormone imbalances. Anyway after some back and forth we decided to put in a Mirena in the hopes it would slow or just stop my period. It took nine months but it FINALLY WORKED!!! This is my first month period free!!! And I still have my uterus and can carry a child if I choose to one day. I’m sharing my joy with you ladies.

Question: now what do I do about all these pimples? I started breaking out in pimples like a damn teenager. Please Lord don’t let it be the Mirena.