Needing some emotional support


Hey ladies! So, I’m really not one to reach out. Ask for help. But today.. today was hard. I’m 33 about to be 34 weeks with a busy busy two year old. And today I just felt physically run down. No energy, headache, my body even kind of ached. Thankful that my fiancé was home to give me the relief and relaxation I needed, because With a two year old and a house and two dogs, when am I not on the go in some way? Plus that’s just me as a person. I’m currently not working so I am finding something everyday to do around the house, my break is nap time and bedtime and even then i don’t always relax. Anyways, I guess I just want to know I’m not alone feeling the way I do.. that some of you mommas have had rough pregnancy days that are ugly and emotional and you just don’t feel like you. I’m really excited to meet this baby, but I’m already struggling at the thought of it taking away from my daughter. So today when I felt like I could have stayed in bed all day, I just felt so so guilty. Thanks for reading ladies!