Feeling defeated


I recently applied to Aldi's and was really excited because they actually wanted to do a phone interview with me. Aldi's is a great job opportunity around my area because there's not a lot of places (even factory work) that competes with Aldi's $14 an hour. This was the second time I've ever applied to Aldi's so I was pumped I made it another step further than before. They did a very rushed phone interview, I dont even think it lasted five minutes. She literally just asked me about past job experiences and I told her all about it, which was grocery store, cashier, and home caregiver work. Very fitting, and very much applied to what I would be doing at Aldi's. But just earlier I got an email saying they decided to pursue other applicants and I didnt make the cut. It really sucks when you put forth all your efforts and do the best you can and you're still not "good enough" for something. I know its not the end of the world and I can keep trying and apply at other places too, but first off, other jobs around my area are pretty low income jobs unless I'm doing some really tough work, like factory work, or constantly running around, like a server. But secondly, I am 20 weeks pregnant and really was interested in getting a better job before baby comes but it's not looking so promising. The job I have now is an at home caregiver and the company I work for is GARBAGE. The pay is shit, I barely clear $200 every two weeks, and they don't have any more hours to give. I just feel stuck, like im back to square one of looking for better opportunities that are fucking scarce enough around my area in the first place, but also you apparently have to be fucking perfect to be qualified for these opportunities.